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1619 Project Discussion

MLK Reflections
By Blog Master
Posted: 2022-01-20T19:24:28Z

Our next meeting on January 21st, 2022, falls in the same week of the celebration of the Monday, Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Most of us present here were alive during the days when he was active and we have all lived with the impact of his work. It would be interesting to take some time to offer and hear some personal reflections on what his work has meant to each of us and to the country. With all the attention that the Day was given in the media, over the weekend and on Monday, it must have triggered some thoughts and feelings among us. Give some thought to what came to your mind during this past week and share it with others

On February 18th, on the third Friday of the month, at 12 Noon, we will have a presentation by a special guest, Malissa Daniel. Malissa is a writer and screen writer, with a successful career as a costume designer, who is writing a novel about her family's history. Similar to the Kilby family, where descendants of a white side of a slave holding family and the black side of that family came together and formed a relationship as described in our earlier presentation of Cousins; Malissa met a cousin of hers from the Warwick family. She will tell us about her research into her family's history and her experience in coming to terms with it, which promises to be an engaging and informative presentation. We hope to have a good turnout.